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Gems of San Diego

Home of fun and out-of-the way places in San Diego


From the ghost of Yankee Jim at El Campo cemetery in Old Town to the young woman in a white dress at Lake Morena in Campo, San Diego has a history of hauntings and paranormal activity all over the county just waiting to be discovered!

El Campo

El Campo Cemetery

One of the graves at the El Campo Cemetery in Old Town is Yankee Jim Robinson who was hung at the Whaley House, two blocks away. They say ol' Jim still walks the grave yard! In 1889 a horse-drawn streetcar line was built through part of the cemetery and in 1942 it was paved over, leaving as many as 18 graves under the street and sidewalk!

Parked cars in front of the cemetery often find it hard to start afterwards. Car alarms can often be heard from cars parked here, set off by unseen hands [GoThere.com].

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Haunted House

William Heath Davis House

Built in 1850, it is the oldest house in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego. The place is a museum now and is said to be haunted. Often called, "The Most Haunted House in the Gaslamp," it has been investigated many times through the years for paranormal activity.

Some of these investigative teams have reported capturing voice recordings, along with videos and pictures with unexplained phenomena. Most of the reports center on lights going on and off throughout the home when no one is there!

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Lake Morena

Lake Morena

“The apparition of a ghostly young woman in a long white dress has been seen several times. Across from the campground near boulders that lie beneath a grove of wooded trees, the ghostly young woman in a long white dress has been seen several times. Sometimes she has been seen pacing before she vanishes, other times, she is reported to just stare at you before disappearing. She has also been heard to be laughing and singing in the distance [Legends of America].”

“On other occasions multiple campers have heard heavy footsteps around their tents during the night that do not fade as if someone were walking away but simply lift and disappear [Forgotten USA].”

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Horton-Grand Hotel

Horton Grand Hotel

The hotel is said to be haunted by a 19th century gambler by the name of Roger A. Whittaker. When Roger was caught cheating at cards, he ran from the game, hiding in Room 309. He was quickly found and shot by the other gamblers. Today his restless spirit is still said to lurk in Room 309 and along the stairway to the room. Guests have reported unknown hands shaking the bed, lights turning on and off by themselves, doors mysteriously opening and closing, and the sounds of cards being shuffled and dealt.

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In the days and weeks ahead, as time permits, we will be adding to this category. Here are some of the places we have been to and will be adding:

Whaley House

Alpine Cemetery

Hotel Del Coronado

U.S. Grant Hotel

Point Loma Lighthouse

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