Gems Of San Diego

Gems of San Diego encompasses all that is San Diego - behind the scenes! We explore all the beautiful and challenging locations in our county that most people just don't know about! After years of weekend outings, camping trips and hikes, we have collected many pictures and memories and want to share them with anyone interested in our gorgeous part of the world.

In the coming days we will continue to build our website and when it is ready - bang! It will be all yours. We will have locations, a write-up to let you know what you can find, and any costs that might be involved (that we know about). We will also include any gear and equipment you may need to make your adventure more successful and of course, any food and beverages you can or should bring!

Get ready San Diego! We are coming.

We love the places we have found and believe you will too.

Some of the places we have been are peaceful and scenic beyond belief! We just can't wait to share!

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Although we are working day and night creating our website, we always have time for questions and comments. Send us an email if you like and lets chat!

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 Our Actual Location is:

     Chula Vista, CA USA


Gems of San Diego We're Coming Soon Gems of San Diego

We are working hard to complete our website!

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