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Gems of San Diego

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Caves of San Diego

[From Desert USA:] Some caves offer easy exploration, while others require tight crawls, challenging climbs or dangerous descents. Caves can be cold, dark and damp. They can also be dusty-dry, muddy or completely filled with water. All are dark and many can be extremely dangerous, especially without proper gear, knowledge and experience.

If you are interested in caving, experienced local groups can provide invaluable resources. Membership involves NSS membership, which includes newsletters, knowledge of those who have been there before, maps, fellowship and safety.

Serious cavers devote a good deal of time to training and planning. Acquiring approriate climbing gear and practicing how to use it is a preoccupation of local grottos. Mapping, photographic documentation and protection of local caves is also part of their charter.

This passage has been borrowed from Desert USA because we could not have descibed these adventures any better. Here is a link to the article. You will find more information and a serious list of the gear you need to have and know how to use!

Bolder Park

Bolder Park

Bolder Park is a great place to explore above ground caves and stoned in narrow walkways. Located right off I-8, some 70+ miles east of downtown San Diego, you can make this exploration a three hour outing or stay all day! There are sculptures of various animals and face carvings right into the bolders for you to find and identify that really make the trip a lot of fun for everyone including your kids and dogs!

The stone Desert View Tower is adjacent to Bolder Park and was built in the 1920's as a roadside attraction. The three story tower has a gift shop on the bottom floor. The rest of the tower is a museum and it has an observation deck on the top.

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In the days and weeks ahead, as time permits, we will be adding to this category. Here are some of the places we will be adding:

LaJolla Caves

Mud Caves of Anza-Borrego State Park

Smugglers Cave, Jacumba Hot Springs

Thunder Canyon Cave

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