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William Heath Davis House

William Heath Davis House  

Gaslamp District, San Diego

The Davis home, now a museum, has a history of paranormal activity. Originally constructed in Maine and shipped to San Diego, it was owned and constructed in 1850 by William Heath Davis who never actually lived in the home! The location on Island Ave is, I think, the third one in San Diego as it has been moved a few times. The place has become a center for Gaslamp paranormal investigations. Research teams have made a number of documented reports of contact with some of the spirits.

The San Diego Ghost Hunters, a professional paranormal team, does a number of investigative events in the house. They open them to the public about once a month and are held in the evening, usually starting about 10:00pm. They have recorded voices and taken photos and videos to document their findings and they say the home is definitely haunted.

A Biography channel show, "My Ghost Story" did a segment on the house in 2012 that you can see with this link.

Most of the haunted reports center on the lights turning on, seemingly at will. These date back to before the home was wired for electricity in 1984 so something is definitely going on there! Other reports, and there are many, is of a Victorian woman that has been seen at or near the top to the stairs leading to the second floor, wearing a long skirt with petticoats and high-button shoes! There are many other reports but I will leave them for you to discover when you visit.


You wont need any special gear to visit the Davis House. You will need a little cash though.


Open Tues-Sat, 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun Noon-4:00pm
Walking Tour is $5.00 each (discounts available)
Guided Tour is Saturday at 11:00am for $10.00 each and includes other locations
*Prices accurate as of May 2014


There are a number of fine restaurants and fun night spots in the Gaslamp. Parking is an issue though so be ready for that.


William Heath Davis House
410 Island Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 233-4692


Open Tues-Sat, 10:00am-6:00pm & Sun, Noon to 4:00pm
Walking Tour is $5.00 each (discounts are available)
Guided Tour is Saturday at 11:00am for $10.00 each and includes other locations.

This haunted museum is open for self-guided walking tours six days a week. And yes, it is definitely haunted!

Writers Comments

A tour through this home, or museum, or whatever, is a must! It is listed as the oldest house in New Town San Diego but you would never know it. The place seems very well preserved. If your into history or haunted places, this is a trip you need to make. As soon as we were inside you can feel the energy from the past. Things weren't very staged to me as the house felt like a home. Proof of this is when you go back outside. It will really take you a minute to "adjust" your clock back to the 21st century!

The Gaslamp is popular and has people all over all the time but the Davis house isn't! It is a hidden gem in the middle of downtown. Take the walking tour and you will most likely be the only one in the place. Take your time and all the pictures you want and enjoy!

Is it haunted? Oh yeah it is! The place is so active there is a paranormal team that works out of this house. See some of the details in the "Home" tab.

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