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Welcome to Gems of San Diego! Since coming to San Diego we have been in love with the scenery and the weather. As San Diego felt more and more like home, we decided to get out there and check this place out!

We quickly spent all we could afford and saw all we could handle of the tourist locations, guided tours, and high-end restaurants. It was time to become "Kama'aina's" (pronounced ka-ma-EYE-na, Hawaiian for Local) and skip the tourist route. Yup, it really was time to dig in and explore this great piece of heaven.

Over time we have collected a few memories, stories and even some pictures. Word-of-mouth was, and still is, the best way to find out about some of the cool places but sometimes you only get part of the story. The trip doesn't pan out so well or you don't have the right equipment or clothes on, that kind of thing. So, lately we have had the idea of putting something like this together as we continue to explore San Diego. A website to check out some ideas, get some background on the outing and know what to bring or wear and have whatever equipment you might need. We hope you find it helpful, informative and entertaining.

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