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Over time we have collected a few memories, stories and even some pictures. Word-of-mouth was, and still is, the best way to find out about some of the cool places but sometimes you only get part of the story. The trip doesn't pan out so well or you don't have the right equipment or clothes on, that kind of thing. So, lately we have had the idea of putting something like this together as we continue to explore San Diego. A website to find some ideas for outings here in San Diego that are not so over developed or over run with people and tourists. A hidden gem if you will, that maybe we didn't know about but are sure to enjoy. Places for the whole family and places just for adults. Not just "fun" either. Challenging adventures and hidden places we can explore; a mountain to climb, a cave to explore or a haunted location to seek out the paranormal! A non-touristy kind of place. We all know they are out there. We just have to find them!

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Recent Adventures

This summer has been a good one. Filled with explorations to find that hidden spot and small trips to capture wide open views of the scenery and sunsets or just get away from it all. It is always a great time when you can discover a hidden jewel buried in the sand dunes or an amazing view you never knew was there! Sometimes though, you can get a bad lead and end up in a place packed with people, lousy food, broken or closed areas and chased away with "off-limits" signs and markers. This is probably the main reason for Gems of San Diego. It will help you discover and then plan your outing with acurate info on what you can do, what to expect, and maybe even how much cash you will need!

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Otay Lake & Reservoir

Looking for large mouth bass? What about hiking or bike trails not to far from the city? Maybe a swim or BBQ picnic for the family at the lake? Peaceful and quiet sundown view? Otay Lake & Reservoir might just be what your looking for. It's a great spot located in eastern Chula Vista, near the Olympic Training…

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Borrego Dragon

Borrego Sandman?

Head for Borrego State Park and find man-made prehistoric creatures or hunt for the famous Borrego Sandman! Many say he is still up there. It's the largest State Park in the country and has a ton of things to do! Plan your trip right and have a blast! Hiking, climbing, camping, or even…

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Fastpitch Softball

Fastpitch Softball

The Triple Crown World Series of softball for 16U & 18U (U is for under), and the ASA Class A 14U National tournaments were all held in San Diego in July. A very unusual coincidence! Teams from five states visited and played to win on fields all over the county. Those lucky enough to see a game saw some great competition! The San Diego teams…

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The Spotlight column is where we highlight adventure categories used on Gems of San Diego that might suggest an idea for an fun outing to you. Sometimes we will follow a theme of an upcoming event like a few weeks before Halloween you may see the Haunted category listed here. Hint, hint…

El Campo


From the ghost of Yankee Jim at El Campo cemetery in Old Town to the young woman in a white dress at Lake Morena in Campo, San Diego has a history of hauntings and paranormal activity all over the county just waiting to be found!

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micro breweries


San Diego Beer Week is coming! This 10 day countywide event starts on 7 November. The festival will showcase San Diego’s finest, rare, and specialty beers from over 20 local breweries and include free samples everywhere!

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Mary's Church


San Diego is rich with historical buildings, architecture and land-marks. Many have a deep mexican flavor to them as does our history. If you visit one you might be surprized to find these unique structures…

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